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Two cameras, if you didn’t guess, are better than one.

The added cameras enable the more upscale phone models to come with a test version of a “portrait lighting” mode” which mimics some of the contoured lighting effects that professional photographers achieve with specialized equipment.

Each of the phones has souped up lenses, image processing power, and display capabilities.

Each comes equipped with retina HD displays (4.7 inches for the i Phone 8, 5.5 inches for i Phone 8 Plus, and 5.8 inches for i Phone X), automatic light-correcting photo technology (or True Tone, as it is called by Apple), and 12 Megapixel sensors—meaning they capture information on the order of 12 million pixels, resulting in better lighting and more accurate, vivid colors.

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The addition allows the gadgets’ cameras to render graphics faster and focus more quickly in poor lighting while also boosting image sharpness and texture, Schiller said.

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The front camera also has depth and other sensors that enable it to recognize people’s faces so they may unlock their phones merely with a glance, rather than needing a fingerprint as with Touch ID.

IPhone X also comes with an OLED, or “organic light-emitting diode,” screen that brightens without needing a backlight.

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On i Phone 8 Plus, this portrait lighting feature is limited to its back-facing cameras.

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